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Pyramid Mission’s explosive single: ‘HELLCLAP’ drops October 27.

“A harrowing exploration of the cosmic force of chaos that is equally skull-crushing and meditative. Once again, these madmen poets from Sydney have taken me on a musical and lyrical journey like no other.” - Stanley Ching, Safety Last

In Pyramid Mission's latest single and music video, "HELLCLAP", the digital punk band fearlessly dives into the chaotic depths of human existence, offering an audacious exploration of the forces of chaos and uncharted territories within the mind. This release captivates listeners with its relentless fusion of confronting apocalyptic imagery and a raw beat that transcends genre boundaries of punk and hip hop to create an atmosphere that is unsettling, yet irresistibly catchy with its shout along hooks.

Much like their previous work, Pyramid Mission pushes the boundaries of electronic punk and hip-hop, crafting a musical revelation that strikes with a crushingly heavy beat and raw poetic lyricism. It's an immersive experience that invites the listener to confront the chaos within themselves and seek profound self-realisation.

"HELLCLAP" is not just a song; it's a transformative odyssey. Prepare to be thunderstruck as you journey through the chaos gap, split your soul in the crash, and revel in the revelations that will blow your goddamn mind. This is Pyramid Mission at their most daring, inviting you to embrace the chaos and discover your true self within it.

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M I S S I O N ?

Pyramid Mission is a high octane, experimental punk group that plays with a punk-rock, “kick your teeth in” type of moxie, complimented with mystical ambient psychedelia. Fusing the sampling-heavy beats and anthemic hooks with the energy of a heroic dose of adrenaline, Pyramid Mission creates music and shows so intense that audiences are left craving more.

Pyramid Mission burst into existence in early 2021 as a strange phenomenon occurred: band-members Gio Lambos (composer/vocals), Yiani Baratsas (production) and Quentin Romot-Smith (production/drums) started having the same, recurring dream of a God within the Internet - a deus-ex-machina - speaking to them. Developing a fascination with the Internet’s impact on the collective human consciousness, the band channeled this inspirational burst into their debut, soon to be released album, “Spit in the Eye” alongside a mind bending, audio-visual live show that combines cathartic energetic performance with phantasmagoric visuals that can best be described as David Lynch having his way with your mind using an old Nintendo GameBoy. While the music is conceptually dense, the band’s love of pop melodies and classic song structure draws in audiences from all walks of life.

Their work, spanning music, short film and performance, depicts the tangled world wide web that we all weave and explores the inevitable alienation that humans experience from their humanity that is inherent to our bizarre information age. However, Pyramid Mission do not merely deride cyberspace as a separate, alien realm. Rather, they see it as a grotesque carnival where humanity’s unconscious desires distort until they take on a life of their own. In light of this, Pyramid Mission’s songs proudly stand as resolute anthems of introspection, advocating when one bears witness to darkness and chaos, they ought to turn their eyes inward to observe how this madness is perpetuated in their own minds.


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